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old-school action game "BumperBump"


BumperBump ver 1.0

"BumperBump" is made with enchant.js.
This is a fixed screen and old-school action game.

This page is designed for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

If the game screen does not fit into your monitor, press "F11" key to change the browser to full-screen mode.

How to play

Handle "Mr.Bump", the yellow character, to keep jumping and stepping on target areas. The time limit is 90 seconds.

Purple character is "Manys". When Mr.Bump touches Manys, Manys bounces off Mr.Bump.

"Timer", the clock character, sometimes appears.

When Mr.Bump touches Timer immediately, the time limit is extended 0.5 seconds, but actually...

Lamps at the bottom of the game screen are "Double lamps". One lamp makes points double.

Let's find out conditions for lighting the lamps by yourself.

First, make out the rule, and aim 1,000,000 points!

How to handle

[arrow keys] Move Mr.Bump.
[z] Press and hold to charge. Release to jump.

On the title screen, press and hold [up-arrow key] to reset the rankings.

About Me

Shuhei Miyazawa(@room_909)

I'm Web designer and live in Kyoto, Japan.
I love retro video games. I made this game while I was looking back on the good old days.
I hope a lot of people enjoy BumperBump.


  • Yoshiki Saito

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